Both sides

In the story of my life

I have been both hero and villain

I have saved a few lives

And, regrettably, also taken them

I have been that shoulder to lean on

And the cause of the broken heart

I have been used and been the user

I’ve built people up and torn others apart

I’ve honestly done more harm than good

A sad reality, but it’s the truth

I will neither blame my upbringing

The unfair world, nor my youth

My pride was my blindness

My arrogance was my curse

My willful ignorance was my own doing

My mental illness only made things worse

I have tried to love and have been loved

By more amazing women than I deserved

My own broken heart was my comeuppance

I was given the same dish I had served

But loss has truly changed me

Life has taken my world, but given me sight

While the path before me is broken and steep

My time in the darkness has ended, and the future is bright

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