When you’re alone

What thoughts come to mind

At the end of each day

When you’re finally alone and all

Distractions have gone away

When you lay your soul bare

And you begin to pray

In your conversations with God

I wonder what you say

Do you finally take that mask off

An intermission from this role you play

I know that it’s exhausting

Why choose to live this way

Still my own thoughts drift to you

Fond memories of how we’d sway

Every time I’d lift you into my arms

Or looking at stars when beside me you would lay

When It’s only you, alone with your thoughts

No need to pretend, or keep your feelings at bay

When judging eyes are closed

And can’t see the you that you portray

Laid naked and bare, no illusions, no disguise

Your secrets and your lies, right there on display

With only the love of God

To comfort your dismay

Do the tears fall like rain

In place of words you can’t convey

Does your soul cry out to you

Ignore the mind and heart, they’ll betray

They hold the ego and pride

That take away peace and lead you astray

And I know that if you’re honest

That’s too high price to pay

Secretly do you still wish

We will meet again one day

That I’ll bring love into your life

And that, this time, we’ll stay.

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