Old Crush

I went wandering in my mountains

Hoping to get lost

When out of the blue

Once again our paths crossed

I didn’t honestly want company

I wanted some time on my own

I tried to say goodbye to you

But you wouldn’t leave me alone

“People get lost out here, ya know.”

“True, but I never do.”

“Yes, but I am right now,”

“So I’m happy I ran into you”

We caught up on life

We reminisced on the old days

Sixteen years have come and gone

Since we went our separate ways

And yet not much at all has changed

The pieces fell right back into place

And I can see you feel the same

From the blush upon your face

You’re clearly a woman now

Though you’ve barely aged at all

And those feelings came rushing back

And I’m feeling so very small

Quiet and shy, that’s not me anymore

Yet you brought it out of me

That beautiful soul has only grown

And it’s so easy for me to see

It’s crazy, this feeling inside

I never thought I’d feel it again

Maybe God still has love in my future

But for now, welcome home my friend

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