With 2019 now behind me, I couldn’t help but reminisce about the last decade. I’ve spent 30 years on this planet, and at the end of this last decade, I have seen much of it. The beauty and the ugly, so often confusing the two.

I have given and receive both love and hate. I have lost some of the most important people in my life. Blood relations and friends alike. In December alone my cousin Audrey, my Uncle Steve (Cheetos), and my great aunt Frieda moved on to the next great adventure.

Today my second born son turned four years old. There is beauty even in the aftermath of the storm. The soil is rejuvenated, the air is cleansed, the spirit is set free.

I started 2010 a twenty year old, broken, arrogant, and self centered soldier. Drowning in anger, alcohol, depression, self loathing, and denial. It wasn’t a good decade. But it was definitely one that shaped me into the man I’ve become.

If you knew me once, you no longer do. Each day I am growing more into the man I was created to be. Always striving to be better, do better. The past ten years are laid to rest, and the next ten are starting on a solid foundation of faith, love and peace.

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