Rudely Interrupted

To what do I owe this visit

Oh, how rudely do you intrude

And here I thought I was forgotten

I suppose it was but a long interlude

Tell me, past acquaintance´┐╝, how are you

It seems the years have not been kind

Your presence seems dull, almost lifeless

Deader eyes, I doubt I could find

Your body seems weaker than I remember

Your hair has lost all of it’s shine

Your lips seem neglected, unwanted

Not as full as when they last kissed mine

Remind me of your name, I’ve forgotten

So long since it last left my lips

Your hearts racing fast, you seem nervous

Silly me, hearts don’t beat within crypts

Is there something you need, I am busy

Right now I could be twiddling my thumb

Were you hoping for a different reaction

Sorry, my heart has all but gone numb

You came uninvited, you can leave now

Forgive me if I’m indifferent, but it’s true

You walked out my life, you can stay there

I have no more time left for you

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