In my dreams, again.

You found your way into my dreams again

We sat and talked a while

Sitting on our mountain top

Once more, I made you smile

We talked of our travels, trips overseas

And all the places we have still yet to go

We spoke about our recent adventures

The sun, the cities, the snow.

Your eyes look much older

Stronger and deeper somehow

You’ve grown your hair out beautifully

I barely recognize you now

But that soul of yours still calls to me

And your smile still takes my breath away

And in this moment in the land of dreams

Is where I wish we could stay

But before the morning star splits the sky

I’ll wake up and I’ll rise

With a heart, heavy and broken

And the saddest tears in my eyes

Because no matter where I go, you are here

And the bond our souls carry, is still clear

In my dreams.

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