Not all bad

I know that right now we have a pandemic going on and people are going nuts. Half my city is currently unemployed because of this quarantine, including myself. And yet I can’t bring myself to despair. The extra time has been amazing with my boys. Bringing out moments of such joy I can hardly believe … More Not all bad


I am not a light bearer nor am I a guide I am merely a wanderer Fighting against the tide … I am not a knight in shining armor Nor am I the man of dreams I am merely a wanderer Tearing at the seams … I am not the one you’re searching for Nor … More Wanderer


私は暗闇を恐れません。 私は何が私を待っているか知っています。 あなたの手が私のものを持っている限り。 私たちの光は海を分割できます。


Quiet now, my love Everything will be ok Breath beloved, I’m here now Right beside you is where I’ll stay