I gave my son, Logan, his middle name after you. In basic you befriended me and you pushed me, you helped save me when I felt abandoned and alone.

I’m sorry I wasn’t there for you, this time. You were a great man, a great friend, and far to good for this world. I regret barely speaking these past years. No woman was worth the distance and silence I gave to you. Our friendship should have come first and I can’t express the regret I have for my actions. I’m sorry brother, and I pray in the next life I meet you once again and you can forgive me.

Sleep peacefully, my friend

The race is finally done

You’ve earned your place in paradise

The battle has been won

All too soon you’ve gone away

To a better and brighter home

Your body lays beneath the ground

But your spirit is free to roam

In the next life or on the other side

I’ll meet up with you there

So save me a spot where you are

We’ll have so much to share

But until that morning comes

When I see you again

You’ll live on in my prayers

Good night, sweet dreams my brother, my friend

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