There is no woman more beautiful to me than the one who knows her worth and won’t tolerate being treated any less than she deserves. With dignity, respect, and gentleness. The woman who knows she’s beautiful, worthy of love and doesn’t need validation from anyone.

A strong woman should be desired, not put down. A relationship should not be a patriarchy, nor should it be matriarchy. Women are not meant to submit to men, but to be their companion and equal.

Physically every woman is perfection. There are no flaws and no woman should be made to see them and feel insecure about their appearance. Every woman is worth more than all the stars in the sky and should be treated that way, period.

Mothers, raise your daughters to be strong, courageous, and secure and your sons to honor, appreciate and respect women. Fathers, raise them to know their worth by treating their mothers the way you would want someone to treat your baby girl and your sons will learn to do the same from your example.

And to all of you who thinks it’s ok to abuse or treat anyone as lesser than you, y’all can either change or go die.

#womenempowerment #beautiful #strength #raisethemright #worthy #everywomanisbeautiful #truth

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