So much changes in day, a week, a month or a year. Over the last three years my life has changed drastically. I’ve gone through physical, emotional, spiritual and mental changes.

I’ve gone through two battles with NSCLC, still fighting the second. I’ve taken on intense therapy sessions for my DID. I’ve delved deeply into the world of psychology, attempting to learn more about myself and others.

I’ve studied narcissism and sociopathy. I wanted to understand more about the tendencies of my parents that I had learned and unconsciously integrated into my own behavior. The tendencies that were detrimental to every relationship I’ve ever had.

I’ve forged and maintained friendships with relationship therapists, both Christian and normal. I go to them for advice in future love and education, as my goal is to become a psychologist.

I’ve taken on my demons, and still battle them daily. I’ve healed, forgiven and let go of a great deal of things from my past. I’ve made amends and am still repenting for the misdeeds and sins I’ve committed against others.

Three years ago I was a hurricane. I destroyed everything I encountered in the the storm that was my life. Even though I’ve made peace with my past, I still look at it with disgust. Today, I am unrecognizable from them man I once was. And I am still improving with every prayer said, every word written, and every book read.

Time changes, faith heals, love endures. Be strong beloved, God is beside you.

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