Aiden and Emma

“Aiden! It’s my niece, the Immortals have taken her!”

Aiden felt the anxiety rush through his body, though his face gave nothing away. “That is no concern of mine, Raze. Why are you here?”

“Please save her, you’re the only one who can.” Raze pleaded.

“We haven’t spoken in nearly a decade. Not since the day your sister died, and now you come seeking my strength?” Aiden spat in disgust causing Raze to drop his head in shame. “I owe you nothing. If the Immortals have taken his child, so be it. Emma chose her partner poorly.”

“You can’t be serious!? You would abandon my niece, an innocent child, Emma’s child, just to spite them!?” Raze said in utter disbelief.

“Ten years! Ten years and not a single word. Do not speak to me of abandonment!”

“Aiden, please. If you love Emma at all, even just a little, please save her daughter.”

“Leave, before she loses a brother too.” Aiden whispered coldly.

Fear took hold of Raze, his instincts screaming at him to flee. He was not a warrior like his sister, he wasn’t trained in the ways of old. Aiden was a Master. He took an involuntary step back, but pleaded once more, “A-Aiden, please – “

In the blink of an eye Aiden was before him, hand outstretched in front of his face. There was no sound, no warning, no time to breathe. Raze knew only a millisecond of pain before his world darkened. With a mere flick of finger, Aiden sent him tumbling four yards away.

He breathed in deeply, closing his eyes, calming himself down. He needed to re-center, to focus. “Marius!”

“You called?” Marius said from beside him.

“Take him back to his village, please.” Aiden asked calmly, eyes still closed.

“And the message for Emma?” Marius asked smugly, lazily ducking a swipe from Aiden’s fist, “We all know what you’re going to do.”

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