Aiden and Emma

“That’s because I haven’t shown myself to you.” The voice said, chuckling softly, “But you can call me Kaze. I’ve been sent here to watch over you.”

“D-did my mommy and daddy send you?” Hime asked, tears starting to pool in her eyes.

“No, but do not worry child. I am not your enemy.” Kaze said reassuringly, “I don’t have the ability to take you away, but I can protect you until my familiar arrives.”

“My mommy has a familiar. Why didn’t he come here?” Hime asked scared. Her mother had told her familiars were rare, only a handful of people had them. And not all of them were good people.

“Terra would never have been able to get here.” Kaze said knowingly, enjoying the surprised look on the child’s face.

“You know my Mommy’s  familiar.” Hime asked her voice hopeful

“I did child, long ago, before you were born. I knew your mother, Emma, too.” Kaze said in a comforting voice. He watched as she relaxed slightly, and pondered his words for a few minutes, apparently deciding whether to trust him.

“Your familiar, is he coming to help me? Does he know my Mommy and Daddy?” Hime asked hopefully.

“Yes child, he’s coming to help you. He knew your mother, many years ago they were… very close.” Kaze answered kindly, “Now quiet, someone is approaching.”

Hime sat completely still, terror filling her body with every breath. After nearly a full minute she had opened her mouth to speak, only to release a soul piercing scream when her door was thrown open haphazardly.

What walked in was a being from the very heart of nightmares. Tall and thin, with pale grey scales for skin. Eyes of abyssal black, with slit snake like pupils of molten gold. A hairless body with small sharp horns protruding around the neck, wrists and elbows. Four long fingers, nails like obsidian, and just as sharp. There was no nose, only two small holes. And a mouth set in an eternal grin, that hid rows of razor-sharp teeth.

An Immortal.

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