Aiden and Emma

“Eat.”  It spoke in a low rattling voice that no mortal man could ever hope to mimic, dropping a basket of fruit on the floor. It stared at Hime with its piercing gaze for a moment before turning and walking out. Slamming the door behind it, a loud clang announced the locking of the door.

Hime stared at the food. She was feeling a little hungry and the fruit looked delicious and fresh. She couldn’t but wonder why they were feeding her. Surely, they planned on killing her, right? She was torn from her thoughts by the voice of Kaze, “Do not eat any of that, child. I can smell the magic on it from here. I don’t know what it does, but it can’t be anything good.”

“Are you sure?” Hime asked, eyes beginning to gloss over. “It looks really tasty.” Her hands were slowly inching toward the basket, almost unconsciously, and suddenly there was a breeze and the basket was gone. Thrown through the tiny window near the ceiling. With the fruit went the urge to consume it.

“Strong magic, indeed. Even I felt a small pull to take a bite.” Kaze said, impressed despite the current situation.

“What was that?” Hime asked confused.

“That, child, was a small taste of the magic used by the Immortals. They can create, inside you, a powerful urge to do as they wish. Such as eating a plate of cursed fruit.”  Kaze stated

“Th-that’s really scary.” Hime whispered

“Yes, child, it can be. But with some training. It’s easy enough to notice and throw off such tricks.” Kaze said comfortingly

“Can you call me by my name, please.” Hime asked hesitantly.

“Of course, child, you need only give it to me.”  Kaze answered kindly.

“It’s Hime.” She told him quietly.

“It’s a beautiful name, Hime. Thank you for sharing it.” Kaze said softly

“Thank you.” Hime said blushing lightly, “How old are you, Hime?” Kaze asked

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