Aiden and Emma

“I’m 6 years old, I’ll be 7 in a few months.” Hime said proudly, “How old are you, Mr. Kaze?”

“Just Kaze is fine, Hime. I will be 231 on the Summer Solstice.” Kaze replied to a small gasp from the young girl in the room.

“You’re super old!” Hime said shocked.

“Time passes differently for my kind, Hime. To you, yes, I am most definitely old. But to my kind, I am little more than an adolescent, still quite young. My father recently celebrated his 768th year.”
Kaze said in an amused tone, watching the young child’s mouth fall open.

“That’s so cool! Can I live to be that old too?” Hime asked excitedly

“You will undoubtedly live a long life, but your kind rarely live as long as mine. But you never know, you may very be the exception.” Kaze said, a smile in his voice.

Hime smiled brilliantly at that, “So what do you look like, Kaze?”

“You’ll see me in time. Until then, why don’t you tell me about your home.” Kaze said watching as her face lit up.

“Ok! First there’s Mommy and Daddy! My Mommy is the strongest warrior around, she’s super smart too, and nice. She’s the best, but her cooking isn’t as good Uncle Raze’s. Daddy is warrior too but he’s not as strong as Mommy. He teaches me how to fight and shows me cool moves.” Hime said adorably eyes bright, “Then there’s Uncle Raze, he takes me fishing and camping. He’s the best, he tells me stories about when him and Mommy were young. They went on all kinds of adventures. He showed me how to track, I’m not very good right now but he said I’m better than he was at my age.” She smiled proudly.

“You seem very close to your family.” Kaze said warmly

“Yep! They’re the best.” Hime said happily, “Uncle Raze even told me about my Auntie Zura. She was super cool! She was taken by the Immortals too, back when she was 14. Long before I was born.” She added in a sad voice.

“Yes, I remember Zura. She was a highly spirited child, always smiling and laughing when I saw her. And such a lovely singing voice.” Kaze said fondly

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