Aiden and Emma

“That’s exactly the reason we told you to hang back and take a nap or something. You could have always caught up to us later.” Aiden said annoyed, “We’re camping here for the night.”

“Marius scout out the area, a two-mile radius. Aiden set up a perimeter. I’m going to take a nap.” Firenze said yawning, “I’ll take the last watch.” And just as quickly as flipping a switch, he was fast asleep.

Both Aiden and Marius sweat dropped, “The fuck…” Marius said as he looked from the sleeping man to Aiden, “How does he do that?”

“No idea, but I doubt we’ll ever know.” Aiden said shrugging indifferently, “I’ll set up the perimeter now, I should be done in about five minutes or so, that should give you plenty of time.”

“What should I do if I run in to any Immortals?” Marius asked grinning.

“Have fun.” Aiden suggested laughing, “Maybe let one escape, it’ll be more exciting if they know we’re coming.”

“Now that’s an idea!” Marius said laughing as well, “This is going to be one hell of a party!”

Aiden just shook his head, laughing. “It’ll definitely be nice to really let loose for once. Sparring with you and Firenze has gotten old.”

“I’m sure that sexy little minx from the village ha nothing to do with it.” Marius said before disappearing in a blur, barely dodging the small boulder thrown at him.

“Such a dick.” Aiden muttered pulling out a scroll, “Now to get this done, I could also use a nap.”

“You’re sure we’re going the right way?” Emma asked tiredly, catching her breath.

“Positive…” Raze said doubled over, ‘How the hell can she move that fast for so long?!’

“Good, we can keep going another hour or so before setting up camp.” Emma said evenly

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