Aiden and Emma

Emma eyed him suspiciously, Raze furrowed his brow before they both heard it. The rattling breath of at least a dozen Immortals. The slow steady gait of death moving toward them.

“Sup sweetheart.” Marius said, puckering his lips at one of them. The monster was already missing an arm and looking as though he had been beaten half to death. “I see you found some friends instead of delivering my message.”

“You will not escape us, human.”  It said in a low growling voice.

Marius only laughed loudly, making Emma look at him like he was insane. Four of these foul creatures had all but decimated her village. Standing before her now were twelve. Yes, one seemed to be badly injured, however the rest were untouched and looked ready to kill.

Doubt crept into her mind, maybe she would never reach Hime after all. She stamped down on those thoughts brutally and steeled her resolve, readying her weapons.

The Pride of her people, Okami No Kiba. Twin daggers so sharp they could split a leaf in half as it fell on the blade. Engraved with words from a long-forgotten tongue. Set into Lonsdaleite handles, the gleaming white blades were truly beautiful and menacing to behold. Legends told of the daggers being gifted to a great warrior, an offering of peace from a great Wolf Demon from times of old.

“Now those are sexy!” Marius said gazing longingly at the daggers, completely ignoring the dozen monsters, “Can… can I touch one? Please?” He added reaching out his hand. At that moment three Immortals moved as one, closing in quickly on Marius.

“Later.” He said winking at the blades, before crashing his fist into the nearest Immortal, easily collapsing its rib cage, sending broken bones into the organs they once protected. Spinning around delivering a devastating kick into the pterion of the second beast, crushing the monster’s skull, destroying its brain. Finally landing a third blow on the third Immortal’s throat, crushing the trachea while simultaneously ripping out part of the artery.

Three dead in the span of a single second. And there stood Marius, completely unscathed and unfazed by the amount brutal carnage he had unleashed so

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