Aiden and Emma

carelessly. “So, can I touch one?” Marius asked again, looking at Emma with pleading puppy dog eyes.

Before Emma could even think to respond to the absurdity of his request, they were both surrounded. Two were cornering Emma, the other seven decided to encircle Marius and attack from all sides.

This time Emma was ready, she would not be caught off guard ever again. The moment they toward her, she struck. With a leg sweep she caught one while the other jumped back to avoid it. Before the body hit the ground, her dagger was piercing its heart. Rolling away immediately, she dodged the swift axe kick that left a small crater in the ground.

Back on her feet, she was on the offensive. Dodging the relentless strikes from the cold-blooded monster, waiting for that fatal opening. She didn’t wait long as it came a few seconds later in the form of an overextended swipe aimed for her head. Emma ducked the intended blow and before the creature realized it mistake, she struck hard. With surgical accuracy she pierced through the axillary artery and liver simultaneously. The beast collapsed, and she promptly removed his head from his shoulders.  

Breathing deep, she readied herself to help Marius, only to hear clapping. “Well done, little lady.” Marius said, sounding almost impressed “Looks like you might not be so useless after all.”

Emma Scowled, the man had only a few small scratches on him. Barely even an indication that he had been touched at all. Yet around him lay the dismembered and disemboweled bodies of nine Immortals. Only one remained, the one that had spoken earlier, who was now missing both its arms. He was currently immobilized under Marius’ heel.

“Now, little red, this time I want you to go straight to Grannies, ok. No more frolicking through the forest. The big bad wolves are out tonight.” Marius said smirking coldly. The monster growled angrily but nodded its head before Marius released him, “Good, tell that old hag Marius, Aiden and Firenze will be there soon, and we’re bringing some party favors.”

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