Aiden and Emma

The Immortal looked at him with cold hatred in his eyes, “You will regret this human.” It said limping away into the shadows.

“WHY DID YOU LET IT GO!” Emma yelled moving to intercept the creature.

“Now that would be telling.” Marius chuckled as he appeared blocking her path. “But on a more serious note,” He met her eyes with steel in his own, “Can I touch them!”

“You’re unbelievable!” Emma said exasperated, placing the daggers in the dual sheath tied to the small of her back.

“C’mon…” Marius cried, “PLEASE!”

“Wow! My mommy really did all that?” Hime asked excitedly, eyes round with wonder.

“She sure did, Hime.” Kaze said amused, “Once upon time, they were quite the team.”

“Aiden sounds super awesome, and him and Mommy were best friends. That’s just too cool, I wish I had a friend like that. I can’t wait to meet him.” Hime said with stars in her eyes.

“Time as a way of changing people, Hime.”  Kaze said wisely, “Aiden is no longer the young boy from those stories. He is very different now, just as your mother is.”

Hime seemed to deflate somewhat at his words, but quickly perked back up. “He is coming to save me though, Right?”

“Yes, he is.” Kaze said reassuringly

“Then he is still the hero from your stories.” She said as though that settled everything. “Mommy told me once that even heroes can be jerks, but they’re still heroes.”

Kaze was taken slightly aback from the conviction and faith coming from the youngling, “I suppose that’s true.”

“Can you tell me more stories?” Hime asked hopefully, rubbing her tired eyes.

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