Aiden and Emma

“I will do nothing, please take this scum away. As for my message,” Aiden said scornfully ripping the chain from his own neck, a small shield engraved with a sacred prayer, “You can give her this.”

Marius gave his friend a pensive look, before shrugging and giving him a feral smile, “Well taking on the immortals sounded like a lot of fun. I bet Firenze would have been down.”

“Sounds like it’s doing too much,” Firenze said appearing on Aiden’s other side, “When do we leave?”

We don’t,” Aiden said coolly, “Going into the stronghold of the Immortals would be suicide. Even for the three of us.”

“Only if we die…” Marius said casually.

“And I, for one, don’t intend too.” Firenze said bored, “But I suppose I could use the exercise.”

“Besides, if we die, let’s go out taking as many immortals as we can with us.” Marius said eyes blazing

“I’m not dying…” Firenze said in a deadpan, looking at his friend stoically, completely taking the wind out of his sails.

“Anyone ever tell you that you’re really good at killing the mood?” Marius said pouting.

“You two are hopeless.” Aiden sighed, finally opening his eyes.

“And you’re still pretending like you weren’t just tracking her daughter.” Firenze said staring knowingly at his friend, earning a glare from Aiden in return.

“Well, I’ll get this guy out of here,” Marius said casually throwing the unconscious Raze over his shoulder. “Have my things ready.” He smirked before vanishing in a burst of speed.

“I hate you both…” Aiden said irritated

“Yeah, but you’d be bored out of your mind without us.” Firenze said chuckling, “I’ll get his things ready. What do you think, Axe or Dual Swords?”

“Both.” Aiden said grudgingly

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