Aiden and Emma

“Good idea.” Firenze nodded approvingly, “He’d probably be annoying if he didn’t have options.”

“Wouldn’t that be a tragedy.” Aiden said sighing

Raze awoke with a start, head throbbing and body sore. Still feeling confused and disoriented he attempted to sit up. Dizziness bombarded his sense like a train wreck, making him vomit. Only after he gulped down a lungful of air did he hear the chuckling.

“Slow down buttercup, I’m pretty sure you have a concussion.” Marius said watching on with amusement glinting in his eyes.

“Where am I? Where is Aiden? Who are you?” Raze asked desperately trying to get a grasp on the situation.

“Well to answer your question in order of importance, I am Marius. Aiden is right where he was before he knocked your lights out. And we’re about a quarter of a kilometer from your village.” Marius said smugly.

“H-how long have I been unconscious?” Raze asked in disbelief, the Sun had yet to reach the middle of the sky. Aiden was half a day’s ride on his fastest horse. Had been out an entire day?!

“Probably around 20 minutes. Aiden really must have thought highly of you once. Anyone else he would have put down for at least a week, if not permanently. Marius said appraisingly, enjoying the disbelieving look on Razes face.

“You’re asking me to believe that you got back to my village in 20 minutes?!” Raze asked shocked, “That’s not possible!”

“Gods no!” Marius said looking scandalized

“B-but you just said th-“ Raze began confusion growing more with each word the man said

“I got here in about 15, give or take a minute.” Marius said laughing at the look of absolute horror on his face, “We had a short chat and I had to pee.”

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