Aiden and Emma

“O…k” Raze said before being once again tossed carelessly over the other man’s shoulder.

“Time to go, dumpling.” Marius said cheerily, “You might want to close your eyes.”

“Why?” Raze asked before his world became a blur of color and light. A second later it all stopped, and he found himself being unceremoniously dropped to the ground. And for the second time in under five minutes he was emptying the continents of his stomach all over the ground.

“That’s why.” Marius said laughing uproariously, stepping away from the heaving man. “Should have listened. Place looks like shit, by the way.” He said disgusted, looking around the center of the village.

“This time yesterday, it as much nicer to look at.” Raze said hefting himself onto his knees. “Then the Immortals came.”

“How many?” Marius asked wiping a tear from his eye, still chuckling lightly.

“Four.” Raze said in a subdued voice.

“That’s all?” Marius said skeptically, “You sure are a pathetic bunch. No wonder Aiden left.”

Raze looked as though Marius had struck him across the face. “In ten years, there hasn’t been a single attack. Our warriors weren’t prepared for an attack like that! Only my sister survived.”

Raze felt the temperature drop as Marius’ easy-going demeanor melted away, instantly replaced by an arctic eyed demon in man’s clothing.

“Speaking of your sweet sister, I have a message for her. Where is she?” Marius asked coldly

“What message?” Raze asked cautiously

Marius grinned ferally at the weak man before him. “The message is for dear Emma’s ears only. But don’t worry pumpkin, I won’t kill her.”

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