Aiden and Emma

Not the least bit appeased by Marius’ reassurance, Raze stood his ground. Whatever Aiden felt for Emma, surely, he wouldn’t have sent an assassin to kill her.

“Don’t worry sugar plum. If I wanted her dead, I would just finish what the Immortals started and destroy this worthless place and everyone in it.” Marius said in false cheery voice, “Now, while I admire your courage and loyalty, you’re testing my patience.”

Terrified as he was, Raze did not falter. “Aiden wouldn’t want her harmed.”

“You don’t know anything about Aiden anymore. Don’t speak like you do, like you’re his friend. I am not nearly as forgiving. I’ll kill you!” Marius spat viciously; all pretense of cheer gone. “Now before I lose my temper, where is Emma?”

“She’s right here, stranger.” Came a hoarse voice behind him. There stood a woman leaning heavily on the man beside her.

For the first time, Marius met the fierce yet weary eyes of his target. Faster than most could ever hope to see, he vanished. In the span of a single heartbeat he closed the distance between them. He appeared his right hand at her throat, his left easily holding back the blade threatening to pierce the flesh above his liver.

“Pathetic. No wonder your daughter was taken, you’re weak.” Marius said in disgust of his opponents’ lack of skill. “I thought you were a warrior.”

The man beside her had not even reacted until after Marius had spoken. “Who the hell are you and what do you know about our daughter?!” He demanded.

“Who me?” Marius said suddenly playful once again, “The name is Marius, cupcake. And I don’t know a thing about the brat. Only thing I know is you’re all so worthless she was taken. Who are you?”

“Rowle, I’m Emma’s husband and Hime’s father.” Rowle growled out before his world turned black.

“Sorry Edward, I didn’t actually care.” Marius after striking Rowles neck, knocking him out. He turned his head only to have a fist crash into it, “Now that was just rude, Emma.”

“WHAT THE HELL DO YOU WANT!?” Emma shouted shaking in rage and pain.

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