Aiden and Emma

Once again, before anyone could breathe, Marius’ fist was a hairs width away from striking her. This time just above her eyes, “I have a message for you from Aiden.” He said opening his fist, letting the necklace Aiden had given to him dangle.

“Aiden?” Emma asked confused, staring at the all too familiar necklace. She raised her hand up as thought to take it, and then stopping just short of touching it. Almost as if it frightened her, “What does Aiden have to do with anything?” She breathed out quietly still in entranced.

Marius watched as she finally touched the chain, gently, cautiously as if were made of glass, “Weren’t you the one who was asking him for help?”

“Me… Ask… Aiden?” Emma asked snapping out of her trance, “I could never. I…” she trailed off a hint of sadness in her voice. “He’s going to help me?” She asked in disbelief, not daring to hope.

“No.” Marius said coolly, dropping the necklace into the dirt, watching as her eyes followed it. “Never come to him again.”

“But I… I didn’t come to him.” Emma said trying to make sense of it all.

“No? It appears your brother was acting all on his lonesome then. Doesn’t change what I said.” Marius said nonchalantly looking at Raze. “Oh well, my message has been delivered, tootles.” And just like that Marius was gone, leaving a cloud of dust and a bewildered crowd behind him.

Emma finally gave into the exhaustion and pain she had been fighting, falling heavily to her knees. “Raze, what the hell just happened?! Who was that man, What does Aiden have to do with any of this?! And how the hell does he know about Hime?!”

Once more, Raze felt fear grip his heart. Emma was the greatest warrior in the village, a formidable opponent, even injured as she was. “I… I… I went to Aiden.” He looked away in shame, “We aren’t strong enough to get Hime back, Aiden is. That man, Marius, is a friend of Aiden’s, and apparently just as strong.”

Emma looked on the verge of tears, “Why would you go to him?! Of all people, why him?!”

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