Aiden and Emma

“Because we all know there is no one else who can take on the Immortals! He was the only hope Hime had, and I wouldn’t let what happened to our sister happen to her!” Raze yelled out.

“Now what’s your plan? Aiden said no! His friend could have killed us! And we’re no closer to getting her back!” Emma yelled; desperation clear in her voice now.

“Emma, I’m-”

“No, this is my fault. If I were stronger, if I hadn’t grown complacent, if I had just kept training, I would have been able to stop them.” Emma cried softly, curling into herself.

Rowle awoke as Emma wept, struggling to his feet he spoke, “Emma who is that man? How did I get knocked out? What happened?”

No one answered, no one moved, not until Emma stood.

“Raze go to the Alchemist. I need potions, healing and restorative. The most potent ones he has. And as many as he has.” She looked to her husband, “I’m getting our daughter back.”

No one noticed the chain dangling from her clenched fist.

“Her name is Hime.” Marius said entering the clearing, meeting eyes with Aiden. “I take it you’ve already picked up her trail.”

Aiden gave his friend a cold stare, “One of my familiars is with her now. They’re keeping the child at Soren’s keep.”

Firenze shrugged as Marius let out a long whistle. “Damn… a whole army of Immortals against the three of us.”

For the first time in a long time, Aiden smiled. A savage, feral smile that was mirrored by the only men in the world he could call his equals, his friends. “Wouldn’t be fair otherwise.”

Aiden and Marius laughed loudly while Firenze smirked as they all made their way East. “Well let’s get going, Soren’s Keep is a long way off, and we can’t all move as fast as Marius.”

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