Aiden and Emma

“Em, you can’t do this alone! It’s suicide! We barely survived four of them and they were only underlings. You want to attack them head on, that’s madness!” Rowle tried reasoning with his wife.

“They took us by surprise. I wasn’t ready for an attack or prepared for them. This time I’m taking the fight to them. At the very least I’m getting our daughter back!” Emma said fiercely, eyes raging.

“And then what?! Assuming you aren’t already dead, how do you expect to get Hime to safety? If you do manage to escape, you’ll be tracked down before you get more than a mile. Then you and Hime will be killed or worse, just like Zura. And then not only would I have lost my daughter, but then I will have lost my wife as well!”

There was a resounding smack, before a deathly silence settled upon them, “I’ll figure that out! I can’t just wait around here and do nothing. Hime is alive and she’s waiting for us. She’s terrified and alone, we can’t abandon her!” Emma yelled

“Don’t you think I want to go?! She’s my daughter too, damn it! But she’s gone! She’s gone, Emma, and we can’t save her. We can only die in vain in the attempt!” Rowle pleaded

“THEN WE’LL DIE!” Emma screamed, “The way that parent should for their children. I won’t let her die because I’m a coward, because I want to live!”

Rowle pulled back as though Emma had struck him again, “We can’t save her Emma.”

“Maybe not, but I’m going to try.” Emma said roughly wiping the tears from her eyes, “Are you coming?”

“I would never make it.” Rowle said looking away in shame.

“So, you won’t even try?” Emma asked dangerously

“Em, I would only slow you down and get in the way!” Rowle defended still unable to meet her gaze.

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