Aiden and Emma

“Ok.” Emma said with finality, turning her back to him, dropping a small ring as she walked away.

Rowle watched her leave, too ashamed to call her after, too afraid to go on this perilous journey with her. ‘Why are you so weak!” he thought desperately to himself.

“You can’t stop me…” Raze said as he kept pace with his sister.

“Go home, you’re not a warrior.” Emma said irritated

“No, but I am a tracker, and let’s face it, you need me.” Raze retorted.

“I need backup, I need an army, I need…”

“You need to get it together or we’re definitely going to die.” Raze laughed, “Now let’s hurry before the trail goes cold.”

“You’re right, let’s go!” Emma said leaping into the trees.

“Umm, Em… We’re going this way.” Raze said pointing in a different direction.

“I knew that!” Emma said flushing.

“Wake up, young one, wake up.”

Hime stirred slightly as consciousness returned to her. Opening her eyes with bleary vision, she looked around. She was laying on a thick layer of straw, in a cold, circular stone room. It stank strongly of a smell she didn’t recognize, but it made her stomach churn.

She was all alone, wherever she was. But she was sure someone or something had spoken to her. As her mind became less clouded, she spoke to the silence around her, hopeful she was not alone. “Hello.”

“Good morning, child.” Came the silky, disembodied voice.

“Who’s there?” Hime asked nervously, she didn’t like the idea of ghosts, “I can’t see you.”

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