My Sons

One of these days, my sons I’ll have to let your hands go When you’ve grown strong and wise And I’ve imparted all that I know … You’ll be amazing men, my sons Greater than all who came before With hearts of flowing liquid fire A faith that stems down from your core … My … More My Sons

My hair

I have never been fond of my hair. I have always kept it really short in order to keep it manageable. As an individual with mixed ethnic background, my hair has always been an object of contention in the prejudices of my family. A dead giveaway that I did not belong.

Texas pt. 5

Goodbye San Antonio, it has truly been a pleasure and a blessing to have spent so much time here. But all good things come to a close. And I am happy to say that this trip ends on an excellent note. At the end of May both Mye and Miguel will be moving to Vegas. … More Texas pt. 5

Texas pt. 4

I love to walk, and the nicer the weather the longer my walks. Last night I took a very long walk as I couldn’t sleep. And in the middle of it, around 2 am, it rained. And there I was without a jacket. It was one of the most amazing nights I’ve spent in this … More Texas pt. 4

Texas pt. 3

I can’t even believe how much I’ve missed this city, San Antonio. This place is where my heart resides, apart from Hawaii. Mye and I left Houston to a beautiful sunrise, and a nice relaxing drive. After being cooped up in the cold for days with IV’s in my veins I was almost desperate to … More Texas pt. 3

Texas pt. 2

I can’t even begin to describe how happy I am to be with favorite cousin again. It has been far too long and the distance has been hard for the both of us. We are 4 months apart in age and have lived with each other on and off our whole lives. Until adult hood … More Texas pt. 2