I gave my son, Logan, his middle name after you. In basic you befriended me and you pushed me, you helped save me when I felt abandoned and alone.


For weeks now I’ve been having the same dream. I don’t know where, but itโ€™s always the same place, standing in front of a dark brown apartment door, #7303. There is nothing extraordinary or memorable about the door itself, it is very much a regular door.

Too late

When I told you that I loved you It was without conscious thought Now we must live with the heart break Those three little words brought


I am officially 31 years old ๐Ÿ˜Š. I made it!

It would be you

If I could choose Just one last voice to hear It would be yours And then sound could disappear … If I could pick The last sight my eyes would see It would be of you Looking back at me