From the moment I was conceived, my life has been about loss. Before I was born into this world, my twin was taken from me. The one who would have been beside me as a friend, a companion and a rival. There has never been a time when I haven’t felt his absence. And that … More Growth

Day 1

So, I normally go to the gym when I can. It wasn’t really one of my priorities. But today was day #1 of going hard. Hitting the gym with a purpose in mind. Not just to get into shape, but to get into fighting shape again. Mountain climbing shape again.

My journal

Writing in my journal is one of the most intimate parts of who I am, who I have become. I don’t write about everything. I only wrote the things I have to say to God. My conversations with him. I write when I need to talk to Him. Some times that’s everyday. Sometimes it’s only … More My journal