It’s 2 AM as I sit and write this beside my peacefully sleeping children. Their steady breathing and quiet snores are a balm to my soul. With everything going on in the world, and the role I am choosing to play in it, what I need more than anything is a reminder for why I … More Tomorrow

Las Vegas Protests

Let me open by stating this, I am a Pacifist, I in no way condone or appreciate rioting or looting. Though as a man of colored skin, who has been targeted, I can understand the rage that brings forth such actions. I belong to a people whose voices are silenced, whose skin tones are feared, … More Las Vegas Protests

My Sons

One of these days, my sons I’ll have to let your hands go When you’ve grown strong and wise And I’ve imparted all that I know … You’ll be amazing men, my sons Greater than all who came before With hearts of flowing liquid fire A faith that stems down from your core … My … More My Sons