My Sons

One of these days, my sons I’ll have to let your hands go When you’ve grown strong and wise And I’ve imparted all that I know … You’ll be amazing men, my sons Greater than all who came before With hearts of flowing liquid fire A faith that stems down from your core … My … More My Sons

Child of Narcissism

Wednesday, July 12, !989 at 12:15 AM, a 22 year old woman, gave birth to her second child and first son. The single survivor of a pair of twins she had never and would never want, me. My mother, Wendie, the narcissist.


It has been three years since my last disastrous relationship and four since my ex-wife and I parted ways. And to this day I remain and enjoy being alone, for the most part. However, I refuse to settle. Last night my cousin Vanessa and I were up talking well into the early hours of the … More Single


Too long have these shoulder held the world too many battles have these weary eyes seen LET ME REST! I scream out to heaven without even knowing what the words mean …

Texas pt. 5

Goodbye San Antonio, it has truly been a pleasure and a blessing to have spent so much time here. But all good things come to a close. And I am happy to say that this trip ends on an excellent note. At the end of May both Mye and Miguel will be moving to Vegas. … More Texas pt. 5

Texas pt. 4

I love to walk, and the nicer the weather the longer my walks. Last night I took a very long walk as I couldn’t sleep. And in the middle of it, around 2 am, it rained. And there I was without a jacket. It was one of the most amazing nights I’ve spent in this … More Texas pt. 4