On the days when I’m most busy You hardly even cross my mind And the love that I still feel for you I can pretend is far behind


There’s nothing quite like deep, honest conversations to soothe the soul. One of my favorite employees and I had a conversation yesterday that helped to ease this growing tension within me.

It’s ok

So much death in such short a time is hard. Lately I’ve been working myself into exhaustion so as not to deal with it. But today, for just a moment as I was clearing my text messages, I saw the last conversation I had with my cousin. We discussed a lot, our lives, jobs, children … More It’s ok

Joys of my life

I love my work. I really love what I do. In truth it is not the most rewarding, but it’s something I enjoy greatly. I spend anywhere from 60-70 hours a week at work, and I have little time or energy for much else. However, on the days that I am off. Not only do … More Joys of my life